Please note: We are NOT affiliated or associated with any other party rentals or inflatables provider.

Due to the very nature of our business, we are at the mercy of the weather.
We adhere very strictly to the following weather policies for safety reasons:

- We do NOT allow set up of a unit if it is raining or the weather forecast is predicting driving rain or storms during your reserved times. It is extremely dangerous for anyone to jump in the units if they are soaking wet and not designed for it.

- We will NOT allow set up of a unit if the wind consistently exceeds 25 miles per hour.

- We cannot allow set up in extreme cold situations, as the vinyl becomes too cold to roll back up at the end of your event. We will discuss any concerns regarding the temperatures at the time the reservation is made. During the winter months, or rainy seasons, we strongly recommend locating an indoor facility to host your event. There are many area churches or community centers who offer free or low cost fees to rent their indoor gyms, fellowship halls, etc. All of our bounce houses are between 10' and 18' tall. Ceilings 20' or higher will accommodate all of our units. Most indoor facilities will have 15-18' high   ceilings. Please confirm the ceiling height with us and with your venue before making your reservation as reservations are non-refundable!

We keep a very close eye on the weather for days leading up to your event. If we have any concerns regarding outdoor events, we will contact you to discuss alternate arrangements. If the weather forecast is predicting storms during your party time, we reserve the right to cancel your event at our discretion. This is an unfortunate situation, and it makes us very unpopular, but please understand that our first priority is the safety of your children and your guests, as well as our equipment. If we feel the weather would risk your safety, or our equipment, we simply cannot take the chance. If you will be absolutely furious if we cancel your event due to weather safety concerns, we ask that you please look into other rental options as we would not be a good fit for your event.

All payments made on your account are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. If We Got Bounce has to cancel your rental due to weather related issues, any prepaid fees will be retained and issued as a rain check for a future reservation.

If you request that your scheduled reservation needs to be scheduled for an alternate date, a $25 fee per unit, machine or service will be assessed to the balance due. If you call us 6 days or less before your original event date, a $50 per unit rescheduling fee will apply. Requests must be received no later than 24 hours prior to your event date. We understand better than most that uncontrollable issues arise that might require rescheduling, and we are more than happy to discuss with you your situation. 99% of the time we are able to meet your rescheduling needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Weather and Cancellation Policies. Cancellation or Reschedules must be made in writing to info (at)

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