At We Got Bounce, nothing is more important than safety. As parents, we would never allow our own children in equipment that isn't safe and your children deserve the same. Rest assured that our equipment is inspected cleaned before and after each rental. We use high quality, commercial grade equipment and secure our units according to the manufacturers requirements for each inflatable unit (whether stakes or 75 pound weights or greater at each anchor point).

Please keep the following safety rules in mind when selecting a space for a unit at your event:

Absolutely none of the following items are allowed inside the unit: SILLY STRING, food, drink, candy, gum, sharp objects (toys, obtrusive jewelry), sunglasses, shoes or animals. We highly recommend that eyeglasses and hearing aides be removed if possible so that they are not broken.

A responsible adult (21yrs or older) must be present AT ALL TIMES when children are in the unit.

No flipping, climbing the netting, jumping or pulling on the support pieces.

Do not allow children to go behind the unit where the motor and blower tube are located.

Individuals under the influence of drugs, alcohol or another illegal substance are strictly prohibited from the area within 100 yards of the inflatable unit.

12 feet of clearance from the sides of each unit from any objects in ALL directions is required.

Do not inflate under trees or low lying power lines.

Do not inflate on sand, gravel, rocky areas, slopes or areas near broken glass. Please clear all rocks, sticks or other debris from the area where the unit will be placed.

Prevent the spread of germs!

You can help by implementing the following cleaning procedures:

Always encourage frequent hand washing, before AND after your little ones go in and out of the bounce house. Have hand sanitizer available at your event, and if hand washing is inconvenient, encourage use of sanitizer frequently. Require all participants to wear socks before entering the unit. Ask parents of children you are inviting to keep their child home if they are showing symptoms of an illness to prevent spreading it to the other guests. If a child has an accident in the inflatable (urine, blood, feces), please have all guests exit the unit immediately. Contact our company for instructions. If we cannot be reached, you can use a mixture of 10% bleach and 90% water to clean the bio-hazard and sanitize the unit. Do not use more than 10% bleach to avoid damage to the unit.

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